600 Whitehead Street, Key West, Florida   33040
Office: 305-294-5105  ~  Facsimile: 305-294-5354

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About IMF

I (Integrity)  M (Maturity  F (Fidelity)

Independent Mortgage and Finance (IMF) was incorporated in Florida in October, 1986.

IMF's exclusive domain is commercial finance. This domain is restricted to the arrangement of commercial finance between institutional lenders and borrowers on properties other than 1-4 family residential units.

In addition to the acquisition of commercial mortgages and business lines of credit, IMF provides financial consultations. Such consultations are payable on an hourly basis and credited towards IMF's fee for future mortgage brokerage for one year from date of consultation.

Size, whether great or small, poses no difficulty to IMF's experienced staff.

Independent Mortgage and Finance

As Managing Director, B. G. Carter directs IMF's commercial operations. His education includes B.A., M.A., and Ph.D. His past business experience includes ownership of a title agency, a property and casualty agency, directorship of a commercial bank, and license as a real estate broker and as a mortgage broker.

Susie Menez, V.P., serves as office manager and directs correspondent operations.

Paula Spann, Internal Auditor, directs due diligence and portfolio analysis.

Jamie Olwell reviews commercial loan applications.