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12 Questions on Credit

  1.   What is the purpose of a credit report?

  2.   Which are the bureaus that report on personal and on business credit?

  3.   How and how often may I have my free credit report?

  4.   Will my free credit report include credit scores?

  5.   Who reports credit and who uses credit reports?

  6.   Have the three large credit bureaus both (a) the same formula for scoring and (b) the same range of scores?

  7.   What are the scoring components of personal credit, and what is each weight?

  8.   Are there tips for maintaining high credit?

  9.   What is the meaning of (a) the median score and (b) a high score?

  10.   Is there a major difference between personal and business credit reports?

  11.   Will a good score assure me and my business of the new desired credit?

  12.   Is FICO pronounced fie'-co or fee'-ko?     12 Answers on Credit  >>  Page 2