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Getting Started

Please complete the following questionnaire in order to start. One questionnaire should be completed for each 10% or greater owner of the acquiring entity.

What is the purchase price of the property?  Or  (How much do you plan to spend?)


How much will you be putting down?   (Include cash in your bank account and all liquid assets, such as stocks and bonds and gift contributions from relatives or friends.)


If yes, have you an executed Contract of Sale?

  Yes      No

Have you three years of tax returns and financial statements from the business you will buy?

  Yes      No

When do you anticipate closing?


Check all that apply:


  Long-term Finance

Do you prefer a Fixed or Adjustable Rate?

  Fixed       Adjustable

What is the desired term?

Are you willing to pay points to lower your interest rate?

  Yes       No

The answer to the following basic questions will help us process your information.

Marital Status:

Will there be a co-applicant?

  Yes       No

How many Guarantors?

Please tell us about your current work status:

  Employed       Un-employed

Current Occupation:

How long have you been at your present job?

Are you self-employed?

  Yes       No

What is your gross monthly income?


Have you filed for bankruptcy in the past seven years?

  Yes       No

Are there any outstanding judgments against you?

  Yes       No

Please complete the following information so that an IMF representative can contact you with a customized rate quote.

First Name:                     MI:  

Last Name:  

Street Address:  


State:                    Zip:    (XXXXX-XXXX)

Social Security:     (XXX-XX-XXXX)

Date of Birth:    (MM/DD/YYYY)


Name of Business:  

Date of Incorporation or Organization:     (MM/DD/YYYY)

*Email (Required):  

Confirm Email:  

Home Phone:     (XXX-XXX-XXXX)

Work Phone:     (XXX-XXX-XXXX)

Cellular Phone:     (XXX-XXX-XXXX)

Facsimile:     (XXX-XXX-XXXX)

Best time to contact:  


Additional Comments: