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Your Needs and How We Work

Because your needs are unique, we tailor our work to fit them. You are our principal, and we place your needs above any lender's interest.

Without cost to you, our first interview allows us to understand your goals and to determine how we can add value to the achievement of those goals. Typically here we obtain a credit report (no cost to you) and the preliminary documents.

After we evaluate your position, we outline the services we can provide. The cost usually is based either upon an hourly charge or upon a mortgage brokerage fee. If you start on a consulting, hourly basis and then hire IMF to obtain finance, any hourly fee is credited to the brokerage fee for up to one year from date of first consultation.

Before you hire us, IMF provides you a good faith estimate that details all fees. You are obliged to pay us only when we provide you a commitment that meets all your authorized conditions. If we fail to obtain that commitment, you owe nothing. IMF charges no fees for application, credit reports, or processing.